Wholesale & Custom Formulation

We provide both wholesale gelato and custom formulation services for restaurants, caterers and events – we can create the flavours you dream up (as well as our regular flavours) and supply these in bulk 5 litre containers.

Some of the custom flavours we have created for our clients:

Whey & Caramel
Camel Milk
Rosé & Raspberry Sorbet
Gin & Tonic Sorbet
Black Truffle with Mascarpone & Lemon
Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
Sugar Free Sour Cherry Sorbet
Lime, Chilli & Panella Sorbet
Mayan Xocolat with Chilli & Cardamom
Basil & Yoghurt Sherbet
Tomato & Basil Sorbet
Thai Tea
Thai Coffee
Thai Coconut with Pandan & Palm Sugar
Cucumber, Gin & Mint Sorbet

These are some of the comments made by our wholesale customers:

Bellingen Gelato is absolutely delicious ice-cream! They are a pleasure to work with and were 100% on board to help us create the product and flavours we were looking for, for our café menu.
We were looking to find innovative uses for excess whey from cheese making, spent coffee grinds and interesting fruit combinations – we were incredibly happy with the collaboration and would highly recommend working with these guys.

Alex Elliott-Howery | Owner | Cornersmith

When I needed custom creations that were a little outside the box, the guys at Bellingen Gelato were able to help. They can make any flavour that you can imagine with a fast turn around, and you will be sure it’s made using the best quality ingredients by true artisans with unrivalled passion.

Rory Donnelly | Chef and Food Blogger

I have had the pleasure of working with Robert and Danny on some ground breaking gelato. It is always inspiring to work with people who are passionate about what they do, and together the guys have helped me make a world first Australian Black Truffle Gelato and a truly one of a kind Islay Whiskey Gelato. These 2 fantastic gelatos could never have happened without their years of experience and can do attitude, and the gelatos from Bellingen Gelato are the best I have had, anywhere, ever!
From my vision to reality and back again I can always count on Bellingen Gelato to make it happen. I look forward to the next creation!
Tasty Regards 

Jeffrey Vincent Simonetta | Chef

We asked Bellingen Gelato to create bespoke flavours for 2 different launch events we organised for alcohol clients. One was a new rosé brand – they made a beautiful rosé flavoured gelato and another rosé and raspberry flavour using the client’s wine. They looked great and were delicious. The other flavour they made was for a gin and tonic brand. This was also really delicious. Bellingen Gelato are creative, passionate about what they do and reliable.

Alex Adams | Secret Foodies

I just wanted to thank you for fantastic ice cream that you sent us. It’s greatly appreciated. It’s selling really well and we appreciate the extra mile you went in tailoring the flavours that we ordered. We hope that the Thai Tea and Thai Coffee flavours sell well for you as well.

Benjamin Ng | Manager | Mae Cheng Group of Companies