Gelato or Ice cream

Occasionally, someone comes into the shop and asks, “Don’t you have any ice cream?” So we feel you may want to know why the word gelato is used.

Some decades ago, nutritionists (and of course dairy companies), thought that the more butterfat you ate, the better. This may well have been true if you were otherwise undernourished and you received a substantial part of your nutrition from that scoop of ice cream on the weekend.  This resulted in legislation decreeing that you could call a product ‘ice cream’ only if it contained a minimum of 10% butterfat.

When Italians started making their ice cream according to their traditional low fat formulas in Australia they were not allowed to call it ‘ice cream’ – so they called it ‘gelato’ – ice cream in Italian.

We believe that low fat ice cream is not only better for you, it also tastes better. But the legislation is still there and no one is any longer interested in calling it anything other than GELATO.

Our Idols

The best gelato in Italy (in our humble opinion):

Perchè No, in Florence